Applied Biotechnology

The program represents a comprehensive, multidisciplinary curriculum that prepares students to advance their careers and pursue their academic ambitions through leadership and management positions within the biotechnology field. Defined core courses provide students with a solid foundation in biotechnology, leadership, ethics, research, communications, product development, quality control, and regulatory and compliance practices. In addition, the program offers three unique tracks to assist students in tailoring their coursework to meet their career goals: quality assurance and compliance; business management; and research and development. The M.S. in Applied Biotechnology represents a fully online, asynchronous curriculum comprised of 31 credits to include a culminating, project-based Capstone experience. Graduates of the program will gain the core competencies required to manage functions across a wide range of biotechnology industries. 

Students must complete 18 credits in the six core classes as well 4 credits in the pre-capstone and capstone sequence.  Students must also select 3 courses (9 credits) from elective courses in one of the three tracks.   

Core Courses.  Complete 18 credits from the Core Courses

Core Courses
ABT 705Course ABT 705 Not Found
ABT 710Course ABT 710 Not Found
ABT 715Course ABT 715 Not Found
ABT 720Course ABT 720 Not Found
ABT 725Course ABT 725 Not Found
Select 9 units from one of the three tracks below.
Track 1 - Quality Assurance and Compliance
ABT 735
Course ABT 735 Not Found
ABT 740
Course ABT 740 Not Found
ABT 745
Course ABT 745 Not Found
Track 2 - Business management
ABT 750
Course ABT 750 Not Found
ABT 755
Course ABT 755 Not Found
ABT 760
Course ABT 760 Not Found
Track 3 - Research and Development
ABT 765
Course ABT 765 Not Found
ABT 770
Course ABT 770 Not Found
ABT 775
Course ABT 775 Not Found
Capstone Courses
ABT 789Course ABT 789 Not Found
ABT 790Course ABT 790 Not Found
Total Units3

Admission Requirements

    Admission to the Master of Science in Applied Biotechnology program requires:

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • 3.0 GPA

  • Prerequisite coursework in:

    • 2 semesters of college level Biology and/or Chemistry

(Students will be required to satisfy all program prerequisites prior to formal admission into the program. Academic Directors are provided the option to waive one or more prerequisites based, in part, on student background and work experience.)  

  • Three letters of recommendation (can be professional or academic)

  • Resume

  • Up to 1,000 word statement of personal intent describing decision to pursue this degree and what you believe you will bring to the biotechnology field.

  • No required aptitude tests (GRE, GMAT, e.g.)

Provisional Admission Process

  Provisional admission will be considered using the following guidelines:

  • 2.75 and above at the discretion of the Academic Director and home campus

  • 2.5 to 2.75 Student and Academic Director make a case to the admissions committee (Academic Directors from other campuses and the CEOEL Program Manager)

  • Below 2.5 – with Academic Director Approval – student can remediate by taking two of the following MS-ABT introductory courses and earning a B or better in each course.

    • ABT 700  Introduction to Biotechnology

    • ABT 705  Ethics, Safety and Regulatory Environment in Biotechnology

    • ABT 710  Professional and Technical Communication in Biotechnology