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Fall 2020
Change Department name to Department of Kinesiology

On 11/11/2019, the HPERC department voted unanimously to change the department name to Department of Kinesiology. Meeting minutes are attached.

This is actually the second effort to change our department name. On 10/9/2017, the department voted unanimously to change our name to Kinesiology, however, due to other curriculum development projects the department did not follow-up at that time with curricular action to change the name. Since new faculty/staff have joined our department since then, we decided to hold another vote and the department demonstrated continued and unanimous support for the change.

No resources, other than changing department signs and marketing materials, will be necessary.
The department faculty/staff feel that the current name, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching is too long and broad to provide meaningful representation of what we do. Kinesiology is an umbrella term that encompasses the two programs, 6 minors, certificate, and general education offerings our department supports.

On the national level, the American Kinesiology Association (AKA, the leading organization within our field) has as a mission to promote and enhance kinesiology as a unified field of study and advocates for kinesiology at national and international levels. The AKA issued a statement in 2009 that departments within this area should change their name to Kinesiology in order to bolster name recognition and to minimize confusion with the patchwork of different department names that have similar goals. Faculty within our department have observed that since 2009, more and more departments across the U.S. are changing their names to Kinesiology (see the attachment with example departments).
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