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Fall 2020
Change Core course prefixes from GENED to CORE


GENED 110   World of the Arts

GENED 120  Historical Perspectives

GENED 130  Individual and Society

GENED 140  Global Perspectives

GENED 390  World of Ideas


CORE 110   World of the Arts

CORE 120  Historical Perspectives

CORE 130  Individual and Society

CORE 140  Global Perspectives

CORE 390  World of Ideas

The General Education Review Committee, working with the General Education Coordinator, has created the new CORE prefix to designate the courses in the Core curriculum; CORE replaces the current prefix GENED. The goal is to better convey the centrality, value, and purpose of the Core within the broader General Education program and to boost the overall perception and visibility of the Core and Gen Ed among students, faculty, and advisers. This change is part of a broader strategic initiative to enhance communication about General Education through revisions to course prefixes, elective category names, and the AAR.

These changes are being requested through an other curricular action because the course forms for these classes are currently inaccessible for editing.
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