Minority Teacher Program

The Minority Teacher Preparation Program (MTP) strives to increase enrollment, retention and graduation rates of undergraduate multicultural students who major in education at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Serving students from Asian, Black, Hispanic, and American Indian ethnic backgrounds, MTP, through its various activities, seeks to:

  • Enhance minority high school and college students' awareness of career opportunities in the education profession
  • Increase the involvement of enrolled students in activities leading to improved academic performance
  • Provide opportunities for minority students to regularly meet and exchange ideas with successful minority educators
  • Provide academic support in the form of academic, personal and financial counseling for students with such needs

What Is MTP?

MTP is a specialized support program, and a cooperative effort between the College of Education & Professional Studies and campus academic support programs, focusing on preparing multicultural students for the changing field of education. The program provides opportunities and educational campus experiences designed to increase the academic success of American multicultural students. Students who actively participate in MTP will benefit from academic and personal support through:

  • Exchanges with successful minority educators
  • Interacting and developing supportive relationships with other education majors
  • Discussing issues confronting professional educators
  • Gaining insight into the expectations of the education profession

The Minority Teacher Preparation program at UW-Whitewater offers the following services to students:

  • One-on-One Academic Advising
  • Student Seminars on Education Topics and Issues
  • Field trips to public and private elementary and secondary schools
  • Employment Announcements and Teaching Internship Opportunities
  • Student Conferences
  • Career and financial Counseling
  • A Lending Library containing Praxis Study Guides and career oriented publications

For more information, contact Janay Alston the Director of the Office of Recruitment & Retention, 2042 Winther Hall (262-472-1644).