Continuing Education

From summer camps for children, to college credit courses for high school students, from academic programs and support services designed for nontraditional-aged students, to professional training and development opportunities for adults, from domestic travel study experiences, to personal enrichment programs for seniors—UW-Whitewater actively coordinates the delivery of its programs and services to individuals throughout the region.  In fact, UW-Whitewater’s continuing education efforts engage approximately 25,000 individuals from off-campus annually.

Personal Enrichment, Professional Development and Non-Credit Programs

Continuing Education at UW-Whitewater is committed to meeting the lifelong learning needs of adults in southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. We offer a variety of classes, workshops, and trainings that respond to the changing personal and professional interests of adult learners by connecting the university and community. Workshops on topics such as gardening and graphic design, hundreds of faculty-led online classes from Excel to foreign language, and the popular Fairhaven Lecture Series are some of the enrichment and professional development programs offered regularly at low or no cost.  For more information, go to

Adult and Non-Traditional Student Learning

UW-Whitewater’s commitment to serving nontraditional-aged students is evident in its array of degree completion programs and support services designed exclusively for adult and military veterans. From admission and enrollment, to academic support, through graduation, there are services, scholarships and awards, and support staff there to help adult students complete their education. For more information, go to

Nontraditional students will find particular value in the UW-Whitewater Credit for Prior Learning Program, which allows students the opportunity to earn academic credit for life and career experiences.  For more information about the Credit for Prior Learning Program, go to

College Credit in High Schools

The Partners in Education (PIE) program is a concurrent education program which provides a unique way to deliver rigorous curriculum to qualified high school students by allowing them to earn college credit while still fully engaged in the high school activities. By taking college credit in high school, students also set themselves apart by demonstrating that they can succeed in college classes. Go to

Credit Outreach

Credit Outreach courses have been specially designed for the part-time undergraduate, graduate and professional students that will continue to comprise a greater share of the clients served by our University. The courses have been scheduled during convenient late afternoon, evening and weekend time slots at strategic locations throughout our service area and online to accommodate the diverse working schedules of busy professionals and to promote access to our university. These courses are also of the finest academic quality, offering students the opportunity to earn undergraduate or graduate credit from a comprehensive university recognized, nationwide, as an affordable and accessible institution of exceptional quality. For more information go to

Summer Session & Winterim

Summer Session and Winterim are distinct academic terms offering credit courses outside of traditional fall and spring terms. Both Summer Session and Winterim provide opportunities to complete credit courses in condensed-time formats (typically a three-credit course in a three-week session) and provide opportunities for students to catch-up, get ahead, or re-take courses that are a part of their academic program. There are more than 400 face-to-face and online courses offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels during the twelve-week Summer Session period. Students may take up to 12 credits during Summer Session. For more information about Summer Session, go to

Winterim is a three-week session held between fall and spring terms (beginning in late December or early January). The courses offered during Winterim by each of the four academic colleges are typically online and are those that tend to fill-up quickly during the traditional academic terms. Students may take only one course during Winterim. For more information about Winterim, go to

Continuing Education Services (Camps and Conferences)

Each year, the Office of Continuing Educations Services coordinates the delivery of more than 120 athletic and fine and performing arts camps, as well as academic institutes, seminars, conferences, clinics, workshops, and university-sponsored events reaching audiences as young as four and as old as 90. This array of noncredit programs focuses on everything from skill development, professional credentialing, and personnel and cultural enrichment. UW-Whitewater Camps and Conferences serve more than 15,000 residents from around the State of Wisconsin annually. For more information about Camps and Conferences, go to

Domestic Travel Study

The UW-Whitewater Office of Continuing Education offers short-term travel study courses to destinations within the United States. Travel study courses are led by faculty members from different disciplines and students can earn undergraduate or graduate credit from a variety of academic departments. Travel occurs primarily in the Winterim and Summer Session. For more information go to