University Bookstore

The University Bookstore, located in Moraine Hall, provides personal and educational materials to students and faculty. In addition to course textbooks and manuals, ebooks, access codes, dictionaries, trade and bargain books, study aids, test preparation guides, and course-related titles are available in the book department. For the convenience of all, students may charge purchased textbooks to their student bill. The Bookstore conducts a Book Buyback (cash for books) during exam week each May and December. In the supply department, students can purchase binders, notebooks, paper, electronics, tablets, headphones, and general school supplies. In addition, DVDs and Blu-Rays, cards, sundries, and stamps are available. Jackets, shorts, sweatshirts, backpacks, and T-shirts are also popular items. Class rings, caps and gowns, and gift cards are services provided by Bookstore staff. You may also place orders on gifts and apparel, see our website at

University Bookstore
724 West Starin Road
Whitewater, WI 53190

The University provides basic textbooks for undergraduate students on a rental basis. The rental cost is included as a part of the fees students pay for registration each term. Textbooks may be picked up at designated times at the Textbook Rental, located in Moraine Hall. Graduate students are required to purchase their textbooks from the University Bookstore and are not assessed a rental fee. Students should expect to purchase some supplemental books and non-reusable materials such as workbooks and supplies.

Graduate students pay no textbook rental fees and are expected to purchase texts and other instructional materials that are assigned in courses. The University’s Textbook Rental Service is not authorized to rent books to graduate students. The University Bookstore (Moraine Hall) sells and rents graduate texts, ebooks, and other course materials. Students should check with the instructor of the course for the needed materials and textbooks. Since text requirements differ widely, no attempt is made here to estimate textbook purchase costs.