Andean Studies

The Module in Andean Studies is for students of any discipline who have an interest in study or work abroad who wish to go beyond the short-term travel or tours. Students will have the opportunity to explore their particular disciplines and intensively study the Spanish language in a Latin American context over an entire semester. Students will live in Cuenca, Ecuador, with Ecuadoran families, for an entire semester and take several courses: (1) 6-8 units of intensive Spanish; (2) COMM 491. The travel-study course will include classroom lectures, extensive travel within Ecuador and research and testing. The course will focus intensively on the social, cultural, political and economic realities of Ecuador and Latin America. (3) COMM 424 [may be taken on campus prior to departure or upon returning to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater]. Students may also take other courses related to their major (which do not count toward module) in Ecuador and/or online with an instructor at UW-Whitewater.

Total units for module: 12-14 units.

Audio Studies

An opportunity for students with an interest in audio technology to develop a strong base in audio theory while also garnering experience in sound reinforcement, broadcast production, multimedia and two- and multi-track music recording. Using an interdisciplinary focus, courses are taken from the communication, music and physics departments. Audio practica are scheduled at WSUW-FM, at the Young Auditorium, the Music and Theatre/Dance Departments and the University Center.

Total units for the module: 9-12 units.

Modules in the College of Arts and Communication