Credit By Examination and Advanced Standing

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater provides opportunities for students to receive advance academic credit and/or advanced standing on the basis of examination. Students who wish to obtain credit by examination should contact the Testing Office (Roseman Hall 2003, 262-472-5613) for information. Students may also visit, which lists the examinations approved by the University. A maximum of 60 units by examination is allowed; this includes departmental and nationally administered examinations as well as other credit by examination transferred to UW-Whitewater from another institution.

A student with a score of 3 or better on a College Advanced Placement (AP) Examination or a score of 4 or better on a Higher Level (HL) International Baccalaureate (IB) Examination will receive credit for a specific course offered at UW-Whitewater if the appropriate department has approved the examination. General elective credit will be granted for AP or IB courses even if they do not have direct relationship to specific courses offered at UW-Whitewater, provided that the above minimum score or better is earned.  Additionally, general miscellaneous (MISC 999) credit will be awarded to students who complete the full IB diploma program with a minimum score or 28.

UW-Whitewater also recognizes certain tests offered by the College Board through College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and by Prometric through DSST. For detailed information, visit

If a student is enrolled in a course and desires to take a test for credit, the test must be taken no later than one month after the beginning of classes. Students who have completed credit by examination elsewhere should have official test scores sent to the Testing Office.

Each department at the University is authorized to devise its own test for purposes of granting advance credit for any course offered by the department.

Students may be placed in advanced courses, without receiving advanced units, on the basis of standardized tests, high school performance, or departmental interviews.

Qualified students may attempt to earn retroactive units in foreign language (French, German and Spanish). The procedure in each case is outlined at