Special Students

Special Students without Credentials

Students who wish to enroll for 6 units or less in any term may apply for admission as “special students without credentials.” The application fee is not required, but some record of previous academic work may be required to establish academic eligibility. Prospective students who do not meet admission standards will not be granted admission as special students. Special students without credentials may attend summer school without establishing academic eligibility and may take as many units as are regularly allowed in the Summer term for all students.

Special students without credentials are not considered candidates for a degree and are not required to receive formal academic advising upon enrollment. Academic Advising Reports (AARs) are not available for special students. Special students without credentials are not eligible for financial aid.

Special Students with Full Credentials

Students who have a conferred bachelor’s degree and wish to enroll only for undergraduate work may apply as “special students with full credentials.” An admissions application and an official transcript indicating receipt of the degree must be submitted for review. An admissions application fee is required for students seeking teaching licensure or a second bachelor’s degree and who have not previously attended UW-Whitewater as matriculated students. Students in this classification must meet the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater program grade point average requirement and are considered to have fulfilled Proficiency, General Education, Core, and U.S Racial/Ethnic Diversity requirements. Transfer unit evaluations and Academic Advising Reports (AARs) are not available for these special students. Formal academic advising is not required.

Readmitted Students

Students returning to UW-Whitewater after an absence of one term or more must file an application for readmission. The application can be obtained on-line at https://apply.wisconsin.edu/. It is also necessary to furnish transcripts covering college-level work taken elsewhere during their absence from UW-Whitewater. Readmitted students must receive advising before registering and are encouraged to seek other assistance as needed for their unique situation.

Adult/Online/Veteran/Returning Students

Adult and returning students follow the same basic admission process as other students. For admission details please contact the Admissions Representative for Adult, Online and Veteran Admission at 262-472-1440. Students may seek additional resources at: http://www.uww.edu/aso.

International Students

UW-Whitewater will consider applications from international students who demonstrate appropriate academic preparation, English proficiency, and adequate financial resources to cover the expenses of attending UW-Whitewater.  Scholarships are available for international, undergraduate, degree-seeking students.

Students without the required level of English proficiency are invited to enroll in the English Language Academy (ELA).  Students applying to the ELA may concurrently apply for "conditional admission" to UW-Whitewater degree programs, allowing them to transition into a UW-Whitewater degree program upon successful completion of the ELA program.  

Further information about the admissions process for international students can be found at http://www.uww.edu/international/international-student-admissions

Early College Credit Program

Early College Credit Program (ECCP) provides an opportunity for qualified students in 9-12 grades at Wisconsin public and private high schools to enroll in courses offered at UW-Whitewater on a space-available basis. To qualify, students must have a 3.4 GPA OR rank in the top 40% OR have a 25 ACT score.

To apply, Early College Credit students must follow the Department of Public Instruction’s  (DPI) guidelines and submit the following items to UW-Whitewater for each term in which the student wishes to enroll:

  • A completed UW System Special Student Online Application (complete as an ‘ECC' student).
  • A completed UW System ECCP Program Plan and Report Form with authorization signatures selecting 3-5 courses that the student has permission to take at UW-Whitewater.
  • An official high school transcript which includes class rank (if applicable) and test scores including ACT, SAT, and AP.
  • Students must meet the stated prerequisites in order to enroll in the course(s) indicated on the UW System ECCP Program Plan and Report Form.