Applicants should use the on-line application available at Instructions with the admissions application will explain the procedure to be followed. An application fee is required for all transfer students, except those who last attended a UW branch campus. In addition to the admissions application and high school records, students must submit official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended. Applicants may be accepted on a tentative basis during the last term of enrollment at the sending institution, provided they meet the minimum academic requirements for University admission.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater requires a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average (4.0 system) to transfer; however, admission requirements may be higher for students planning to enroll in particular academic programs and during periods of enrollment limitation. Students who are enrolled in their first term and who do not meet freshman admissions standards must complete 12 college transferable units to receive transfer admission consideration.  Students who wish to appeal their admission decision should contact the Transfer Coordinator in the Undergraduate Office of Admissions. 

UW System Guaranteed Transfer Program

Students participating in the UW System Guaranteed Transfer Program may begin their university education at a branch campus and, upon completion of 60 units, be guaranteed the same opportunity to continue at UW-Whitewater as students who began at UW-Whitewater. Please note that, upon transferring to UW-Whitewater, it is necessary for students to submit another UW System admission application.  Transcripts should be forwarded to UW-Whitewater Office of Admissions at the time of application. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (4.0 system) is required for transfer; however, grade point average requirements may be higher for students planning to enroll in particular programs, notably business, education, and communications.

College of Education & Professional Studies

Students interested in the College of Education & Professional Studies should consult the college regarding prerequisite requirements. See the College of Education & Professional Studies website.

College of Business and Economics

Students interested in the College of Business and Economics should consult the college regarding prerequisite requirements.  See the College of Business and Economics website.

Transfer credit is not granted for upper-division (300/400) business courses at UW-Whitewater unless the equivalent courses were taken after completing at least 60 units at the previous institution. Before receiving a degree in business, students must earn at least 18 units in their major at UW-Whitewater (21 units if majoring in Management Computer Systems).

For transfer students enrolling in the College of Business and Economics or the College of Education & Professional Studies, the grade point average compiled at previous post-secondary institutions is considered for purposes of determining eligibility.

Academic Advising and Course Selection

Transfer students are required to attend an orientation session and receive academic advising for registration purposes. Advising is normally handled by personnel from the major department; however, students should consult with their minor department (if applicable) as well. On-line students and students admitted under the “special student” classification are not required to attend the orientation program.

General Information

UW-Whitewater will accept credit only from regionally accredited colleges and universities. Wherever possible, transfer courses are converted to exact UW-Whitewater course equivalents. Students who receive credit for equivalent courses should be careful not to enroll in courses with the same course number since duplicate credit in courses cannot be awarded.

Although grades earned at other post-secondary institutions will be included on the evaluation of transfer credit and the Academic Advisement Report (AAR), the UW-Whitewater grade point average is not affected by grades earned elsewhere. Grades earned at other institutions are considered only for purposes of determining eligibility for admission to the University and eligibility for registration and graduation in certain majors, such as those in Business, Education, Communication, Integrated Science and Business, Management Computer Systems, Occupational Safety and Social Work.

For majors requiring higher grade point averages, the combined cumulative GPA of both the transfer college(s) and UW-Whitewater will be used to determine eligibility for course enrollment. Additionally, business students must complete course work in residence at UW-Whitewater in at least six courses (18 unit minimum) in their major field. A maximum of two transfer courses will be allowed to count in any major in the BBA curriculum. Regardless of major, a minimum of 25% of the major course units and 25% of the minor course units must be completed at UW-Whitewater.

In order to be equated to a UW-Whitewater course, a course taken at another post-secondary institution must be taken for at least 2/3 of the number of term units for which the course is offered at UW-Whitewater.

Credit may be transferred to UW-Whitewater if the course parallels work offered at UW-Whitewater. All grades earned in the course at the previous institution are entered in the student record.  If a course is identified as incomplete, it is recorded as a failing grade credit may be transferred to UW-Whitewater if the grade earned in the course at the previous institution is recognized as a passing grade (D- or better) and the course parallels work offered at UW-Whitewater.  If a course is repeated, credit will only be granted for repeated courses in which grades of C- or below were received. Students may repeat courses transferred to UW-Whitewater from other post-secondary institutions subject to UW-Whitewater’s repeat policy. Coursework completed at one transfer institution and repeated at a second transfer institution is recognized when calculating the transfer grade point average during the admission process. Please contact the Office of Admissions for further details or reference the Repeat Policy section of this Catalog.

Appropriate units may be transferred from one curriculum to another within the University. Program to Program articulation agreement transfer courses/credits are accepted only for the degree specified in the agreement. A change of major invalidates these courses/credits for transfer unless they are approved within some other Program to Program Articulation Agreement for a different major at UW-Whitewater.  Waiver(s) granted by one of the four colleges may not be recognized if the student switches colleges.

Quarter Units: The number of units earned for a course taken on the quarter system must be multiplied by 2/3 in order to convert to the term (semester) system. Thus a course for 3 quarter units would be changed to 2 term units when transferred to UW-Whitewater.

It is possible that some credit in academic areas other than those offered at UW-Whitewater may be accepted upon written appeal to the office of the Assistant Director of Admissions. In considering appeals, the Assistant Director will consult with the appropriate department chairperson to determine whether the course content is related to the major or minor and whether granting the credit is of demonstrable educational value.

Students who feel that an adjustment in an evaluation is necessary should contact the Admissions Office before proceeding with academic advising and registration. Any adjustment in the unit evaluation must be requested within one year of the date of UW-Whitewater enrollment.

Transfer Wisconsin

Transfer Wisconsin is a source of information for students and advisors with questions regarding transferability of units among UW System institutions and the Wisconsin Technical Colleges. This computer-based system provides information regarding transfer course equivalencies, academic program array, and student services departments. This can be accessed at

Two-Year College Transfers

Courses taken at two-year campuses may be equated only to UW-Whitewater 100-level (freshman) or 200-level (sophomore) courses. When a course taken at a two-year college appears to parallel a 300-level (junior) or 400-level (senior) course at UW-Whitewater, the course may be accepted as a general elective.

After accumulating 72 units, students must earn a minimum of 48 additional units at UW-Whitewater and/or other accredited four-year colleges before a degree may be awarded. Upper-division UW-Whitewater students who decide to attend a two-year college after accumulating 72 units toward graduation must obtain prior permission from the associate/assistant dean of their college. After permission is granted from the associate/assistant dean, students must complete a Transfer Credit Agreement (TCA) through the Assistant Director of Admission.

Students enrolled in the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) who wish to continue their education at UW-Whitewater may be eligible to transfer credits toward their bachelor’s degree in the following ways:

  1. Students enrolled in the college parallel programs at Madison Area Technical College, Milwaukee Area Technical College, and Nicolet Area Technical College may be eligible to transfer up to 72 credits toward their baccalaureate degree.
  2. Students who have successfully completed coursework in the Wisconsin Technical College System may be eligible to transfer up to 72 credits of general education course work in communications, social science, and science.
  3. Students may be eligible for credit by earning appropriate scores on national standardized examinations (e.g., College Level Examination Program or Advance Placement Examinations) or examinations developed by UW-Whitewater. Contact the Testing Office for more information.
  4. Students with a declared business major who attain an Associate of Applied Science degree from the Division of Business and Marketing may be eligible to transfer a maximum of 12 units in business-related coursework.
  5. Other program-to-program articulation agreements have been developed. For a listing of these, visit the UW-Whitewater Transfer Admissions site at:

For more information about these transfer opportunities, students should consult with their Wisconsin Technical College advisors or the UW-Whitewater Admissions Office.

University Development, General Education, and U.S. Racial/Ethnic Diversity Fulfillment

Transfer students with an Associate of Arts and Science degree from the UW System, or an Associate of Arts/Associate of Science degree from Madison Area Technical College, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Nicolet Area Technical College, or other approved accredited state community college, who transfer at least 40 acceptable units to UW-Whitewater may be considered to have fulfilled the General Education (Communication & Calculation Skills, Core and General Studies Electives) Requirements. Although the associate degree satisfies all General Education requirements, there may be additional courses still required to meet degree and/or major/minor requirements. In addition to satisfying General Education requirements, the UW-Colleges’ Associate of Arts and Science Degree satisfies the U.S. Racial/Ethnic Diversity requirement. Students should remind advisors that they have earned the associate degree to ensure they are not needlessly advised into General Education courses. The final official transcript from the sending institution must indicate that the degree specified has been awarded, or the student will be responsible for fulfilling the remaining General Education Requirements.

If a student transfers into a UW-Whitewater degree program which requires math, and the student has not completed the equivalent of UW-Whitewater MATH 141 or higher, the student will be required to complete a math placement exam unless the ACT math subscore is available.

For applicants who have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited post-secondary institution and are seeking a second bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, the first degree satisfies the General Education and U.S. Racial/Ethnic Diversity requirements.

All transfer students will be required to complete the following General Education Core Course requirements:

# of Units Transferred UW-W Core Course Requirements
0 - less than 21 All General Education Core Courses
21 - less than 40 GENED 390 and an additional core course assigned by Gened Coordinator. Check AAR for required course.
40+ units (no AA/AS degree) GENED 390 World of Ideas only
Conferred AA/AS degree from UW-Colleges, Madison/Milwaukee Area Technical Colleges, Nicolet Technical College, or other approved state community colleges General Education and Core Course requirements satisfied

Students transferring without the associate or bachelor’s degrees described above are required to complete any remaining Communication & Calculation Skills requirements prior to completion of 60 units toward graduation. Transfer students with 60 or more units toward graduation must complete any remaining proficiency requirements within their first UW-Whitewater term.

Students who do not receive transfer credit for ENGLISH 101 or MATH 141 will be placed according to ACT or SAT sub-scores or will be required to take the appropriate placement examination.