Course Information

Courses are listed by subject area.

The subject abbreviation designates the department/subject area and subdiscipline within that area. The set of three numbers refers to the specific course within the subject area. For example, MUSC refers to the subject area, Music, and 143 refers to the specific course, Survey of American Jazz.

In any reference to a specific course, the full set of subject area and course numbers should always be used.

Course numbers 000-099 are courses that carry no units toward degree requirements. Courses numbered 100-299 are lower-division courses. Courses numbered 300-499 are upper-division courses which may be dual-listed as 500-699 for graduate unit. Courses at the 700 level are open only to graduate students.

A course number may occasionally have a letter suffix to designate that it is open only to students with a specific educational background preparation.

The letter "G" appearing after the course title identifies the course as one that can be used in satisfying the University General Education requirements. The second letter following the "G" identifies the category within General Education to which the course applies. Proficiency and U.S. Racial/Ethnic Diversity courses are identified with the appropriate designation after the course title.

Special Courses

These courses are available on a selected basis through most of the academic departments. The course descriptions are common to all departments. However, the prerequisites and the number of units permitted in certain programs may differ. Note the limitation of units for degree programs identified in the Catalog.

490 Workshop

Group activity oriented presentations emphasizing "hands on" and participatory instructional techniques. Workshops have as their primary goal the imparting of either a specialized knowledge base regarding an instructional strategy or method or a specific skill. Presentations which are more broadly based in content or which emphasize intensive study and/or research procedures are not to be offered under a workshop number or title.

491 Travel Study

A planned and directed group excursion involving extensive academically focused travel, usually conducted in a foreign country.

494 Seminar

Group activity. An advanced course of study in a defined subject matter area emphasizing a small group in intense study with a faculty member.

496 Special Studies

Group activity. Not offered regularly in the curriculum but offered on topics selected on the basis of timeliness, need, and interest, and generally in the format of regularly scheduled Catalog offerings.

498 Independent Study

Individual activity in an area of special interest for a variable number of units under the sponsorship and guidance of a faculty member.


Class Standing:

  • fr - freshman
  • soph - sophomore
  • jr - junior
  • sr - senior
  • grad st - graduate standing

cons instr - consent of instructor

cons dept chp - consent of department chairperson

u - unit

*u - unit to be arranged

equiv - equivalent

G - designates a course that can be used in satisfying General Education. The letter following the "G" designates the category within General Education in which the course applies:

  • A - Arts
  • E - Ethnic Cultures or Women's Studies
  • H - Humanities
  • I - Interdisciplinary
  • L - Laboratory Natural Sciences
  • M - Math and Natural Sciences (non-lab)
  • P - Physical Education
  • S - Social Sciences

hr - hour(s)

intro - introductory

req - requirement


  • Coreq - Corequisite - A course which must be completed prior to, or concurrent with, registration for the specified course.
  • Prereq - Prerequisite - A requirement that must be satisfied before registering for the course.
  • Equiv - Equivalent - A course for which unit cannot be earned because the content overlaps with the specified course.

yr - year

Subject Areas

The alpha subject area designates the discipline area within a department. The Department name and Subject Area codes are listed below.

Subject Code Subject Description Department
ACINDPA&C InterdepartmentalCollege of Arts &Communication
AFRIAMRAfrican American StudiesRace & Ethnic Studies
AMERINDAmerican Indian StudiesRace & Ethnic Studies
ANTHROPLAnthropologySociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice
ARABICArabicLanguages & Literatures
ARTHISTArt HistoryArt
ARTMULTIArt MultimediaArt
ASIANSTDAsian StudiesRace & Ethnic Studies
BEINDPBus & Econ InterdptmtlCollege of Business & Economics
BIOLOGYBiological SciencesBiological Sciences
CHICANOChicano StudiesRace & Ethnic Studies
CHINESEChineseLanguages & Literatures
CIBMEBusiness and Marketing EducationCurriculum and Instruction
CIFLDCurriculum & InstructionCurriculum & Instruction Field
CIGENRLCurriculum & InstructionCurriculum & Instruction General
COACHINGCoachingHealth, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching
COMDISCommunicative DisordersCommunicative Disorders
COMPSCIComputer Science Mathematics & Computer Sciences
COUNSEDCounselor EducationCounselor Education
CRIMJUSCriminal JusticeSociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice
DANCEDanceTheatre & Dance
DEVLPEDDevelopmental Education
EARLYCHDEarly ChildhoodCollege of Education
EDADMINEducational AdministrationCurriculum &Instruction
EDFNDPRCEd Foundations PracticumEducational Foundations
EDFOUNDEducational FoundationsEducational Foundations
EDUINDPEducationCollege of Education Interdepartmental
ELEMMIDElementary/MiddleCurriculum & Instruction
ENGLISHEnglishLanguages & Literatures
ESLEnglish as a Second LanguageLanguages & Literatures
FNBSLWFinance & Business LawFinance & Business Law
FORNLANGForeign Language GeneralLanguages & Literatures
FRENCHFrenchLanguages & Literatures
GENEDGeneral EducationCollege of Letters & Sciences/College of Arts & Communication
GEOGRPYGeographyGeography & Geology
GEOLGYGeologyGeography & Geology
GERMANGermanLanguages & Literatures
HEALTHEDHealth EducationHealth, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching
HONORUniversity Honors PrgmUniversity Honors Prgm
INTRNARInternt'l & Area StudiesPolitical Science
ITSCMInformation Technology and Supply Chain ManagementInformation Technology and Supply Chain Management
JAPANESEJapaneseLanguages & literatures
LDRSHPLeadership Mil Science & AerospaceLeadership Mil Science & Aerospace
LIBMEDIALibrary MediaEducational Foundations
LIBSTLiberal StudiesPhilosophy & Religious Studies
LSINDPL&S InterdepartmentalCollege of Letters & Sciences
MATHMathematicsMathematics & Computer Sciences
MCSManagement Computer SystemsManagement Computer Systems
PEFIELDPhysical Education FieldHealth, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching
PEGNRL Physical Education GeneralHealth, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching
PEPROFPhysical Education ProfessionalHealth, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching
PHILSPHYPhilosophyPhilosophy & Religious Studies
POLISCIPolitical SciencePolitical Science
PORTUGSEPortugueseLanguages & Literatures
RACEETHRace & Ethnic Cultures GeneralRace & Ethnic Studies
READINGReadingCurriculum & Instruction
RECREATNRecreationHealth, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching
RELIGSTReligious StudiesPhilosophy & Religious Studies
RUSSIANRussianLanguage & Litertures
SAFETYOcc & Envi Safety & HthOcc & Envi Safety & Hth
SCHBUSMGSchool BusinessInfo Technology & Business Management Ed
SCIBUSIntegrated Science-BusinessBiological Sciences & College of Business
SECNDEDSecondary EducationCurriculum & Instruction
SOCIOLGYSociologySociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice
SOCWORKSocial WorkSocial Work
SPANISHSpanishLanguages & Literatures
SPECEDSpecial EducationSpecial Education
SPECFLDSpecial Education FieldSpecial Education
THEATRETheatreTheatre & Dance
WOMENSTWomen's StudiesWomen's Studies