Bachelor's Degree Requirements

To be a candidate for the Bachelor’s Degree, students must satisfactorily complete the following:

  1. A minimum of 120 undergraduate units in courses numbered 100 through 400.
  2. University requirements, degree requirements, and departmental requirements.
  3. A minimum GPA of 2.0 or better on a 4.0 system, both overall and in the major and minor fields. [Certain programs require grade point averages higher than 2.0 - see the college and major requirement sections.]
  4. Completion of a minor if required in the major/degree program. The minor must be a valid combination with the major, and a second major may be used in place of a minor.
  5. The major department's writing competency requirement. Students should refer to their AAR and/or contact their departmental advisor to determine which course, course sequence, or equivalent will fulfill this requirement. Completion of the writing requirement for one major will satisfy this requirement in the other major.
  6. A 3-unit diversity course, the primary focus of which is U.S. racial and ethnic minority issues. This course may also satisfy other university requirements.
  7. A minimum of 48 units at an accredited 4-year institution after the last unit was earned at a 2-year institution.
  8. Participation in a University institutional testing program examination, if requested.

Bachelor's Degree Requirements at a Glance

In short, to earn a baccalaureate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, students must successfully complete the following minimum requirements:

  • General Education, including:
    • Communication & Calculation Skills
    • University Requirements
  • U.S. Racial/Ethnic Diversity
  • College or degree or licensure (or a combination thereof):
    • Major with a 2.00 GPA
    • Writing Proficiency in the major
    • Minor with a 2.00 GPA (a minor is mandatory for some major/degree programs and optional for others)
    • One hundred twenty (120) units
    • A UW-Whitewater cumulative GPA of 2.00 on a 4.00 system

It should be noted that several degree/major/minor programs require a GPA higher than 2.00 for admission, retention, and graduation. A combined UW-Whitewater and transfer GPA may be used to determine the minimum standard for some programs.