College, Degree, or Licensure Requirements

Writing Proficiency

Students must demonstrate writing proficiency in their major. The department of the major determines the requirement, which may be a course within the degree or major requirements, a specified course outside the major, or a writing sample evaluated by the faculty. Check with the chairperson of the major for details. Students pursuing a double major must complete the writing proficiency for only one of the two majors.

GPA Requirements

Some majors require a certain GPA. Students should check with the department and/or college of their majors for these requirements.

Waiving or Substituting a Required Course

The chairperson of the major or minor department may waive a required course within the major/minor if mastery of the course content can be demonstrated; however, other coursework must be completed to meet the minimum unit requirement for the major/minor.

A required course from a department other than the major or minor can be waived or substituted by (1) the dean of the college of the degree, if the course is in the college or degree requirements; (2) the Assistant Dean for Letters and Sciences, if the requirement is in General Education or U.S. Racial/Ethnic Diversity; or (3) the department chair of the course, if the requirement is in the Communication and Calculation Skills area. In selected cases, departments may waive a course in their own department based upon high school background or departmental exam.

Students may not take for credit any course for which they have received a waiver, nor may they take for credit any course in the same department that is a prerequisite for a course that has been waived (e.g., if a student has been waived from MATH 143, he may not take MATH 141 for credit).

Waiver of any course does not reduce the total number of units required for graduation.

Waiver of COMM 110

The COMM 110 Speech Waiver is composed of two stages - first, completing an online course consisting of six modules, and second, delivering a persuasive speech to a panel of instructors.  (Fee for the online course is $20, through the Department of Communication).

  • Students must come to the Department of Communications main office to pay the course fee and then they will be enrolled in the online course.  Students must complete the online course by the end of midterms or they will have “failed” the course.
    • Students that fail the course will be required to enroll in Introduction to Human Communication (COMM 110).Students that
  • Students that complete the online course will then schedule an appointment to deliver the speech.  Once the persuasive speech has been delivered, students will be notified immediately whether or not they will be granted the waiver.  Students may only attempt the waiver ONCE.
    • Students that do not receive the waiver will be required to enroll in Introduction to Human Communication (COMM 110).

Complete instructions for the waiver can be found on the department website at

English and Mathematics Course Placement

All students are required to take an ACT or SAT I test. At the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Math placement is based on the UW Math Placement Test, while English placement is based on ACT/SAT I sub-scores as follows:


UW Math Placement Test Placement

150 - 425 150 - 850 150 - 850 MATH 41* Level E
426 - 465 150 - 850 150 - 850 MATH 139, MATH 140 (if not needing MATH 141), or MATH 141 + 049 (MATH 141 Moving Up) Level D
466 - 850 150 - 515 150 - 850 MATH 139, MATH 140 or MATH 141 Level C
466 - 850 516 - 850 150 - 555 Waived from University Proficiency Requirement (MATH 139, 140, 141) Level B
466 - 850 516 - 850 556 - 850 Waived from MATH 143 and MATH 152 Level A

*Note: Students can seek additional instruction by contacting the Math department to enroll in a supplemental workshop, MATH 49.


ACT (English subsection) SAT (Evidence-Based Reading/Writing) English Course Options
24+ and eligible for Honors 550+ and eligible for Honors ENGLISH 105
30+ 671+ ENGLISH 102
17 - 29 421 - 670 ENGLISH 101
15 - 16 391-420 ENGLISH 100
1 - 14 200 - 390 ENGLISH 90

International students should contact the English Department for placement. They may be recommended to take ENGLISH 161 and ENGLISH 162 to replace ENGLISH 101 and ENGLISH 102.

Students who are eligible to participate in the Honors Program and have at least a 24 English ACT subscore may enroll in ENGLISH 105, which replaces both ENGLISH 101 and ENGLISH 102 and satisfies the Communication and Calculation Skills writing requirement.

Students who are waived from MATH 141ENGLISH 101, and/or COMM 110 have satisfied that General Education proficiency requirement.