Degree Requirements (Undergraduate)

Academic Program Degree Requirement Term

Students are responsible for meeting all degree requirements in effect at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater at the time that they declare their current major, unless they interrupt their attendance at UW-Whitewater by an absence of four or more consecutive academic terms (including Summer), in which case upon re-entry they will be subject to the requirements in effect at that time.

As students enter UW-Whitewater, a requirement term is assigned to their record. They will be held to that set of degree requirements for graduation unless they change majors. Although the UW-Whitewater Catalog is published every two years, requirements will be monitored on a term-by-term basis. New students registering for Fall term will be held to the curricular changes approved during the preceding term. If a department or college curricular change is made retroactive (due to unusual circumstances), the responsibility is then assumed by the unit making the change to notify all students affected by that change in a timely manner.

Students have the option of requesting a more current set of academic requirements at any time by reporting to their advising location; however, it is not possible to satisfy an earlier set of requirements without permission from the dean of the college of the major. The requirement term on students’ records will be updated automatically as part of the change of major/minor process. All subsequent Academic Advisement Reports (AARs) will reflect the later set of requirements, if the requirements have changed since initial entry into the University. Current sample AARs can be found at

Conventional Grading Basis

Students must take required courses in their major and their minor on a conventional grade basis. The same course units may not be counted in both the major(s) and the minor(s). In those cases in which the same courses are required in more than one major and/or minor, departments will determine appropriate additional courses to meet the minimum unit requirements for each. The minimum unit requirements must be met for each major and each minor.

If students have not completed their degree requirements within eight years, they may be required by the dean of the college in which they are enrolled to satisfy newer requirements as deemed appropriate. Under special conditions, substitutions are allowed that are in their best interest and considered educationally sound by the dean.

Minimum On-Campus Credits

A minimum of 30 units of UW-Whitewater coursework is required to qualify for an undergraduate degree. At least 15 of these 30 units must be taken at UW-Whitewater immediately prior to graduation. A minimum of 25% of the major course units and 25% of the minor course units must be completed at UW-Whitewater. Students pursuing any major in the BBA curriculum must complete course work in at least six courses (18 unit minimum) in their major field. A maximum of two transfer courses may count in the BBA major.

Associate degree seeking students - 15 of the 60 units must be taken in coursework at UW-Whitewater. Students must be enrolled at UW-Whitewater during the term in which the requirements are completed.