Social Studies Broadfield Major Requirements (BSE)

Open only to students pursuing teacher licensure. This major consists of at least 53 hours in a program approved by the College of Education. This program must follow either of two basic guidelines:

  1. A 33-34 unit concentration in any approved area of social studies and 20-21 units in at least two other areas of social studies.
  2. A 21-22 unit concentration in any approved area of social studies and 32-33 units in at least three other areas of social studies.

If courses in the major are used to satisfy General Education requirements, the program can be completed within 120 units. Transfer students must complete at least five courses at UW-W for this major.

Note: Only those courses in Geography which relate to the cultural environment will apply toward the major. Courses in other social science areas which are primarily techniques courses will not apply to the major.

Additional Licensure Requirement:

Wisconsin law requires that persons seeking licensure to teach history or other social studies have instruction in cooperatives and conservation. The requirement in respect to cooperatives may be met by completion of ECON 213. The requirement for instruction in conservation may be met by the completion of GEOGRPY 252, or BIOLOGY 214.

History certification for holders of Social Studies (701) license:

15 units of upper level (300 or 400) history courses distributed as follows:15
6 units of U.S. History
6 units of European History
3 units of African, Asian, Latin American or Middle-Eastern History
Total Units15

All 15 units must have been completed within 5 calendar years. Some of the courses listed above may have prerequisites which must be taken beyond the specified 15 units.

There are nine emphases within this major. Refer to the department of the emphasis for the major requirements.

  • Economics Option I    
  • Economics Option II    
  • Geography Option I    
  • Geography Option II    
  • History Emphasis
  • Political Science Emphasis
  • Psychology Option I
  • Psychology Option II
  • Sociology Emphasis