Pre-Professional Curricula

Steven Anderson, Chemistry

Heather Pelzel, Biology

Engineering (Emphasis available through Physics)
Robert Benjamin, Physics

Law (Emphasis available through Political Science)
Jolly Emrey, Political Science

Peter Mesner, Biology

Heather Pelzel, Biology

Hephzibah Kumpaty, Chemistry

Physical Therapy
Daryle Waechter-Brulla, Biology

Veterinary Medicine
Ellen Davis, Biology

There are opportunities for you to obtain pre-professional work in a number of fields. In some areas, such as law and medicine, you will complete the Bachelor of Arts degree or Bachelor of Science degree before being admitted to a professional school. Other pre-professional programs at UW-W provide one, two or three years of study for students who will then transfer to a professional school. While at UW-W, you will obtain a well-rounded liberal education recommended by professional schools in addition to introductory courses in your professional area.

If you transfer to a professional school at the end of your junior year, you may have part of your work in the professional school applied toward completion of the bachelor's degree at UW-Whitewater. Details must be worked out with the Assistant Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences prior to your junior year.

As a student in a pre-professional curriculum you will be assigned a faculty advisor who is familiar with the requirements for admission to professional schools. If you have chosen a specific professional school, your advisor will help you to develop a program which meets the requirements of the institution to which you plan to apply. If you have not decided on a professional school, your advisor will help you develop a flexible program while aiding you in the search for a school to meet your needs. In Pre-Engineering, UW-W has transfer agreements with UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, and UW-Platteville (contact the Engineering Emphasis advisor or the chair of the Physics Department for details). For the Chiropractic program, transfer articulation programs to Chiropractic schools also exist. (Contact the Chiropractic advisor for details).

Every effort is made to assist you in your admission to the professional school of your choice; however, you should be aware that admission to some programs is extremely competitive, and whether or not you are admitted will depend upon your academic record and your scores on admissions tests.

For further information on the pre-professional curricula available at UW-W please contact one of the advisors listed above.