Academic Offerings

Program Plan Associate Bachelor Master Educational Specialist Doctoral Minor Certificate Online
Accompanying Certificate
Accounting BBA Minor BBA
Actuarial Mathematics Minor
Adapted Physical Education Certificate
Advertising Minor
Advocacy and Lobbying Certificate
African American Studies Minor
Aging and Health Certificate Certificate
Allied Health Foundations Minor
Anthropology Minor
Applied Arts and Sciences BAAS
Applied Behavior Analysis (GR) Certificate
Applied Bioinformatics (GR) Certificate
Applied Biotechnology (GR) MS MS
Applied Kinesiology (GR) MS
Applied Research Certificate
Art BA, BFA, BSE Minor
Art History Minor
Art Studio Minor
Arts Collaborative AAS AAS
Asian/Asian American Studies Minor
Assistive Technology (GR) Certificate
Athletic Coaching Education Minor
Athletic Counseling (GR) Certificate
Audio Certificate
Audio Production & Sound Design Minor
Autism Specialist (GR) Certificate
Behavioral Health and Society Certificate
Bioinformatics Minor
Biology BA, BS Minor
Biology Education BSE Minor
Broadcast/Print/Web Minor
Business Administration (GR) DBA
Business Administration (GR) MBA MBA
Business Analytics BBA Minor BBA
Business Education BSE
Business Education (GR) MS MS
Business Foundations (GR) Certificate
Business Law Minor Certificate
Chemistry BA, BS, BSE Certificate
Chemistry (GR) Certificate
Civic Responsibility & Society Certificate
Clinical Mental Health (GR) Certificate
Communication BA, BS Minor Ba, BS
Communication (GR) MS MS
Communication Competence Certificate
Communication Sciences and Disorders BA, BS Minor Certificate
Communication Sciences and Disorders (GR) MS
Community Counseling (GR) Certificate
Community Sport and Recreation Certificate
Computer Science BA, BS Minor
Computer Science (GR) MS MS
Conducting Certificate
Corporate Communication Minor
Corporate Finance (GR) Certificate
Corporate Social Responsibilty Certificate
Corporate Wellness Certificate
Counseling (GR) MS
Creative Communication Certificate
Creative Writing Minor Certificate
Criminology BA, BS Minor
Cybersecurity BA, BS Minor
Cybersecurity (GR) MS Certificate MS
Cybersecurity Management (GR) Certificate
Dance Minor
Data Analytics (GR) MS Certificate MS
Data Science Minor
Digital Communication Certificate
Digital Marketing Certificate
Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence Minor
Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence (GR) Certificate
Digital Media and Learning Certificate
Disabilities Studies Certificate
Dyslexia & Language Based Learning Disabilities (GR) Certificate
Early Child Care and Education BA, BS Ba, BS
Early Childhood Education BSE BSE
Early Childhood Education Policy (GR) MSE
Early Childhood Leadership Certificate
Early Childhood Program Development Certificate
Economics (COLS) BA, BS Minor
Economics (COBE) BBA BBA
Economics (COEPS) BSE
Economics Education Minor
Educational Studies Minor
Educator in School Counseling (GR) Certificate
Effective Workplace Communication Certificate
Electronic Media Minor
Elementary/Middle Education BSE
Emerging Technology for Digital Learning (GR) Certificate
English BA, BS, BSE
English Composition & Literature (GR) Certificate
English Education Minor
English Literature Minor
Entrepreneurship BBA Minor Certificate
Environmental Safety & Health (GR) MS
Environmental Science BA, BS
Environmental Studies Minor
Event Planning Promotion Certificate
Experiential & Sports Marketing Minor Certificate
Family, Health & Disability Studies Minor
Film Studies BA, BS Minor Certificate
Finance BBA Minor BBA
Finance (GR) MS MS
Financial Planning Minor Certificate
Financial Services Sales Certificate
First Nations and Indigenous Studies Minor
Fitness & Wellness Entrepreneurship Certificate
Forensics Science Certificate
Foundations of Learning Design (GR) Certificate
French BA, BS, BSE Minor
French Education Minor
Fundamentals of Finance Certificate
General Business BBA Minor BBA
General Communication Minor
General Science Education Minor
Geographic Information Systems Minor Certificate
Geography BA, BS, BSE Minor
Geography Education Minor
Geology Minor
German BA, BS, BSE Minor
German Education Minor
Gerontology (GR) Certificate
Global Engagement Certificate
Health Advocacy Certificate
Health Education Minor Certificate, Certificate (Post-Bacc)
Health Promotion Minor
Health and Leadership Studies BS
Higher Education Leadership (GR) MSE
History BA, BS, BSE Minor
History Education Minor
Human & Social Services Minor
Human Performance BS BS
Human Resource Management BBA Minor Certificate
Human Resource Management (GR) Certificate
Individualized (COAC) BA Minor
Individualized (COLS) BA, BS Minor
Industrial Hygiene Minor
Information Technology BBA Minor
Insurance Minor Certificate
Integrated Science Business BBA, BS
Instructional Design & Learning Technology (GR) Certificate
Interdisciplinary Ethics Certificate
International Business BBA Minor Certificate
International Studies BA, BS Minor
Investment Minor Certificate
Investment Analysis (GR) Certificate
Japanese Studies Minor Certificate
Jazz Certificate
Jazz and Commercial Music Minor
Journalism BA, BS Minor
K-12 School Library Certificate
LGBTQ Studies Certificate
Latinx/Latin American Studies Minor
Leadership & Military Science Minor
Leadership Development Minor
Leadership in Instructional Design (GR) Certificate
Legal Studies BA, BS Minor
Liberal Arts AA
Liberal Arts AAS AAS
Liberal Studies BA, BS Minor BA, BS
Library Media K-12 Minor
Library Science Minor Certificate
Media Arts Game Development BA, BS Minor
Management BBA BBA
Marketing BBA Minor BBA
Marketing (GR) MS
Marketing Strategy (GR) Certificate
Mass Media Literacy Certificate
Mathematics BA, BS, BSE Minor Certificate
Mathematics (GR) Certificate
Middle Eastern Studies Minor
Music BA, BM Minor
Music Entrepreneurship Certificate
Music History Certificate
Music Performer's Certificate
Music Theory Certificate
Musical Theatre Minor
Nature Based Learning in Early Childhood Certificate
Nonprofit Management Minor
Occupational Safety BS BS
Organization Communication (GR) Certificate
Paralegal Certificate
Philosophy Minor
Philosophy Education Minor
Physical Education BSE Certificate (Post-Bacc)
Physical Science Minor
Physics BA, BS, BSE Minor
Physics Education Minor
Political Science BA, BS, BSE Minor
Political Science Education Minor
Post MSW School Social Work (GR) Certificate
Producing Effective Learning Experiences (GR) Certificate
Professional Writing & Editing Certificate
Professional Writing & Publishing BA, BS Minor
Professional Sales Minor Certificate
Professional Spanish Minor
Professional Studies (GR) MSE
Project Management (GR) Certificate
Psychology BA, BS Minor
Public Administration Minor
Public Health Minor
Public History Certificate
Public Policy & Administration BS
Public Relations Minor
Recreation & Leisure Study (COEPS) Minor
Recreation & Leisure Study (COLS) Minor
Reading Instruction and Dyslexia Intervention MSE
Reading Teacher License (1316) (GR) Certificate
Real Estate Minor Certificate
Sales Leadership Development Certificate
School Business Management (GR) MSE Certificate MSE
School Counseling (GR) Certificate
School Psychology (GR) MSE EDS
School Social Work (GR) Certificate
Science-Business Sustainability Mangement Certificate
Social and New Media (GR) Certificate
Social Emotional Learning & Mental Health in Schools (GR) Certificate
Social Studies BSE Minor
Social Work BA, BS BA, BS
Social Work (GR) MSW MSW
Sociology BA, BS, BSE Minor
Sociology Education Minor
Spanish BA, BS, BSE Minor
Spanish Education Minor
Special Education BSE BSE
Special Education (GR) MSE MSE
Sport Management Minor
Sports Communication Certificate
Statistics Minor
Strategic Communication (GR) Certificate
Strength and Conditioning Minor
Substance Abuse Counseling (GR) Certificate
Supply Chain Management BBA Minor BBA
Support Dual Language Learners Certificate
Substance Use Counseling Training Certificate
Teach ESL Bilingual Bicultural Minor
Teaching in a Diverse Society Certificate
Teaching in Alternative Education Settings (GR) Certificate
Theatre BA, BFA, BSE Minor
Theatre Education Minor
Transition Specialist (GR) Certificate
Transportation Sales Certificate
Trauma Informed Practice in Education (GR) Certificate
Video Production Certificate
Water Business Minor
Web Site Development & Administration Minor Certificate
Women's and Gender Studies BA, BS Minor Certificate
World Religions Minor