College of Letters and Sciences - COLS (Graduate)

Mission Statement

The College of Letters and Sciences forms the core of the University, providing students with the essential elements of a liberal education in humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.  The College fosters personal and professional growth by offering challenging and relevant courses through the general education program, specialized and career-oriented majors and minors, and collaborative programs with other colleges.  Students in the College of Letters and Sciences develop diverse perspectives, civic responsibility and engagement, and personal and professional integrity while preparing for careers and life-long learning.

In order to achieve this mission, faculty and staff are dedicated to developing innovative pedagogy, and connecting academic knowledge with experience through international study, undergraduate research, and internships.  Faculty and staff create, expand, and disseminate knowledge and understanding through research, scholarship, and creative work, with students as essential participants and contributors.  the College seeks to use the knowledge and expertise of faculty and students to improve society by participating in programs that meet the needs and engage the interests of the University campus and the broader community.