Admission (Undergraduate)

Typical Freshman Admission

Students can apply for admission as new freshman applicants as early as September 1 of their senior year. Applicants should use the online application, available at Completed applications must include the application, the application fee, official copies of a high school transcript, and (preferably) an ACT or SAT I exam score to receive consideration.  Students who wish to appeal their admission decision should contact the Director of Admissions.

High School Requirements

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater enforces the following unit requirements for all new freshman applicants on behalf of the UW System Board of Regents:

English 4 units which may include one unit of communication
Mathematics 3 units including algebra, geometry, and advanced algebra, algebra II or their equivalents
Natural Science 3 units preferably biology, chemistry, and physics
Social Studies 3 units
Electives 4 units from any of the required areas or from the fine arts, computer science, foreign language, accounting or other academic areas approved by UW-Whitewater

UW-Whitewater completes a comprehensive application review for all students. A student’s prior academic preparation is the most important factor used in the decision, but a review of standardized exam scores, high school GPA, history of academic rigor, student activities and/or volunteerism, the personal statement on the application, letters of recommendation, and anything else a student provides as part of the application is seriously considered. It is our goal to discover whether we believe the student can be successful in the collegiate environment. Our process affords the admissions office the opportunity to learn as much as they can about a person before making a decision. We encourage students to tell us as much about themselves as possible.

ACT/Testing Requirement

The ACT is required for all incoming freshmen prior to enrollment at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The exam is administered at a number of different times and locations. It is recommended that students take the exam during their junior year or early in their senior year. Applicants must request ACT to forward scores to UW-Whitewater. If the ACT requirement is not satisfied by the time of enrollment, registration may be denied and/or classes may be cancelled for that or subsequent terms. Questions regarding the ACT may be directed to the Testing Office (262-472-5613). The SAT Test I is also acceptable.  Incoming freshman are also required to take the UW-System Regional, math placement test.  Registration for placement tests begins February 1.  Follow this link for registration information:

Freshman Orientation, Registration, and Academic Advising

Incoming freshmen attend one of several summer registration/orientation programs. At that time, students meet with an advisor for assistance in selecting courses to be taken in their freshman year. Family members and guests are invited and encouraged to attend, as there will be a special program scheduled while students receive advising and register for classes.

Also, there will be additional orientation activities during the first few days of the Fall term. These programs are designed to make the transition to college life as smooth as possible.