Graduate Catalog

Until the early 1960s, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater had only offered undergraduate degrees. In response to societal needs for greater specialization and increased education in the professional work force, graduate programs were initiated at UW-Whitewater in the early 1960s. Since then, UW-Whitewater has granted over 16,000 master’s degrees. It is presently the fourth largest graduate school in the UW System with 1,298 students enrolled during the fall of 2018.

Master’s degree programs are available in accounting, business administration, communication, communication sciences & disorders, computer science, counseling, educational leadership & policy analysis, environmental safety & health, finance, professional studies, school business management, school psychology, social work, and special education. An extensive program of evening and online classes is offered for those who are employed during the day. It is possible to complete some master’s degree programs through summer and evening work without being a full-time student during the academic year.  Beginning in the fall of 2014, UW-Whitewater began offering the first Doctorate of Business Administration degree.

Graduate certificate programs are available in business administration, counseling, safety, school business management, and special education.

Graduate degree programs at UW-Whitewater are fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and the Wisconsin State Department of Public Instruction.

Information on specific degree programs is found in the Degree Programs section of this catalog. For further information on admission to graduate studies contact the School of Graduate Studies in Roseman Building 2013, call 262-472-1006, or visit

Mission Statement

The School of Graduate Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater oversees programs whose goal is to provide high quality, practitioner-oriented programs that use knowledge and skills acquired through baccalaureate degrees as a foundation for advanced preparation and professional development for careers in business and industry, education and human services.

The graduate programs achieve this through provision of learner-centered processes which couple professional experiences with advanced knowledge and highly-refined analytic, communicative and functional skills such that their students are capable of performances that characterize their best practices of their profession.

To that end, all master's level graduates will be able to:

  • comprehend and discuss advanced theoretical questions and current issues;
  • collect, analyze and interpret data applicable to complex questions and problems;
  • conceptualize, evaluate and implement solutions to complex problems;
  • use appropriate technologies as needed; and
  • synthesize and articulate multiple concepts in a clear, concise and persuasive manner.

Your Responsibilities as a Student

UW-Whitewater Communication via email

UW-Whitewater uses e-mail to communicate with students on many important matters such as their tuition billing. The university automatically assigns each student an official UW-Whitewater e-mail account when you enroll. You are responsible for knowing and, when appropriate, acting on the contents of all university communications sent to your UW-Whitewater e-mail account.

Keep Your Mailing Address Up To Date

 To receive important information, be sure your current addresses are update.

  • Mail Address - update via WINS
  • Home Address - update via WINS
  • Residence Hall Address - contact Residence Life Office
  • Billing Address - contact Student Financial Services

Check Your Schedule

After registering, students should print a copy of their WINS class schedule and verify enrollment. Corrections to your class schedule must be made in WINS by published add/drop deadline(s) to avoid academic and/or financial penalties. Nonattendance does not exempt you from such penalties.

Academic Advising Report (AAR)

To be eligible for an graduate AAR, you must be admitted to an graduate degree program. You are required to meet all degree requirements in effect at UW-Whitewater at the time of declaration of your current major.

Are You Graduating This Term?

If you expect to complete your degree in the fall/spring term, you must complete a Graduation Application in the School of Graduate Studies (graduate student). You are also required to pay the graduation fee even though you may elect not to participate in the commencement exercises. Contact the School of Graduate Studies for the application.

Registration Information for Students

Registration is based on the number of cumulative credits that students have completed and earned (credits in progress do not count). To find your earliest date and time to register, sign in to WINS and look under Enrollment Dates. If you have a registration hold, it must be cleared by the office that placed it before you will be able to register for classes. Use the on-line, web-based WINS system to register for classes.  

Students who enroll in classes with UW-Whitewater have certain financial obligations and are responsible for knowing and abiding by all UW-Whitewater regulations, procedures, and academic calendar dates as stated in the term Schedule of Classes and the Graduate Catalog. Deadlines for adding and dropping classes, changing class grading bases and withdrawing from the university are published as part of the Schedule of Classes. Students must adhere to the deadlines to take advantage of tuition/fee refunds and to avoid academic consequences. Nonattendance does not exempt students from their financial and academic responsibilities.  

UW-Whitewater uses e-mail to communicate with students on many important matters such as tuition billing (e.g., bills are sent only to the student's UW-Whitewater email account, they are not sent through postal mail). Students are responsible for knowing and, when appropriate, acting on the contents of all university communications sent to their UW-Whitewater e-mail accounts

Problems associated with accessing WINS or student email accounts can be addressed by the iCIT HelpDesk.  

If you have a registration hold, it must be cleared by the office that placed it before you will be able to enroll in classes.