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Message from the Interim Associate Provost

Welcome to the School of Graduate Studies at UW-Whitewater

For more than 50 years, UW-Whitewater has offered high quality, practitioner-oriented graduate degree programs. Graduate education here uses knowledge and skills acquired through baccalaureate degrees and professional experiences as a foundation for advanced-level study and professional development—preparing our graduate students for leadership and highly-trained roles in business, education, or the human services.

Our nearly 20,000 graduate alumni confirm for us that our graduate faculty remain our greatest asset.  There is a strong appreciation of our faculty and their commitment to mentoring, challenging, and supporting students throughout their programs whether it be at the master's, educational specialist, or doctoral levels.  The UW-Whitewater graduate faculty have distinguished themselves as a unique blend of accomplished and widely-published scholars and knowledgeable, well-connected professionals who know what works in the field.

Further, we know that our graduate students build treasured, life-long relationships with their peers.  Indeed, our data suggests that our graduate students learn through their seminars, projects, case studies, field placements and practica as much from the thinking and diverse experiences of their fellow students as they do from their own.  Invariably, graduate peers in our various programs become close friends and key contacts in strong professional networks once they leave their programs.

The graduate catalog is filled with opportunities.  We hope you find the graduate program that is right for you.  If you're not sure which one that is, please don't hesitate to contact the School of Graduate Studies, 262-472-1006, or stop in our offices in the Roseman Building.

Joan Littlefield Cook
Interim Associate Provost

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater School of Graduate Studies 2019-2020 Catalog

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