College of Arts and Communication - COAC (Graduate)


Mission Statement

The Mission of the College of Arts and Communication is to cultivate and inspire creativity, expression, inquiry, and integrity through embodied education in the fine, performing and communicative arts and professions.


The College of Arts and Communication offers opportunities for expanding creative talents and aesthetic awareness, and for developing communication skills at the interpersonal, corporate, mass, and social media levels. Students in the College acquire these skills and understandings through course work and participation in varied college activities.

Students are invited to attend plays, concerts, and exhibits, to audition for roles in theatre productions, to participate in musical ensembles and to gain first-hand experience in areas of radio, television, media arts and game development, and print and web media. Many opportunities are available to volunteer and gain valuable experience. Involvement in the arts and communication fields will enrich the total college life.

Students who choose to take courses in the arts and communication are encouraged to discover and develop their talents. Their work with faculty enables them to reach creative and analytical goals, and to develop the perceptions, production skills and reflective dispositions which characterize professionals in their chosen discipline. Students in the College find a wide range of possibilities for participation in addition to opportunities to specialize in areas of particular interest. The production studios, rehearsal rooms, stages, and media labs are active and congenial places at all hours.

Students in Communication make use of a number of facilities and programs. UWWTV, the on-campus TV station, provides opportunities for experience in television production, direction and performance. Radio broadcasting facilities are available at the campus radio station, WSUW-FM (91.7), “The Edge.” Journalism students have opportunities to work in both print and web formats on the Royal Purple, the student newspaper. Students in Art and Design, Music, Theatre and Dance and Media Arts and Game Development take advantage of the facilities in the Greenhill Center of the Arts, including carefully designed and fully equipped studios, computer labs, shops and rehearsal rooms for artists, dancers, musicians, actors, and theatre technicians. The Crossman Gallery, the Barnett and Hicklin Studio Theatres, and the Light Recital Hall provide beautiful settings for students’ exhibitions, theatre performances, dances, or music concerts. A number of interdisciplinary programs allow students in the college to interact and collaborate on professional projects. The adjacent Young Auditorium is an acoustically excellent performance facility with 1300 seats.

Students may prepare for a variety of careers through majoring or minoring in arts and communication, either preparing to be a practicing artist or communicator or in using those talents and skills in a variety of settings in business, education, non-profit organizations, the media, government, and other areas. Majors are available in: art (studio, graphic design, art history), art education, journalism (advertising, broadcast/print/web journalism, and international journalism), media arts and game development, music (performance, theory-composition, music), music education, communication (public relations, electronic media, corporate and health communication), and theatre (performance, design/technology, stage management, and management/promotion), and theatre education. For students whose career preparation cannot be met in a single department in the college, an individually designed major or minor is available. Other minors include: advertising, art, art history, art studio, arts management, dance, journalism, media arts and game development, music, public relations, communication, communication elementary and communication secondary education, theatre, and theatre education. Music students may complete the following certificates: accompanying, jazz, music theory, and music history.

Students are encouraged to work closely with their advisor to make the best choices for their personal and career goals from the wide array of course possibilities available. Graduates from the college have an excellent placement rate, moving into employment opportunities that use their well-developed talents and skills.

The Department of Art and Design is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), the Music Department is accredited by National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) and the Theatre/Dance Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST).