Individualized Minor Requirements

If students have definite educational goals which cannot be met by any of the existing minors, they may design an individualized minor consisting of at least 24 units in areas related to their clearly stated goals, and the courses included in the minor should be related to those goals. However, these courses do not have to be in areas related to the major. Each minor is approached on an individual student basis. Students may complete at most one individualized minor.

Minor - 24 Units

Select 24 units in consultation with your advisor. Courses must be outside your major area.

A statement of the content, nature and rationale of the proposed individualized minor must be approved by the major department. If fifteen or more units of the minor are to be taken in any one department of the College of Arts and Communication, the proposed minor shall be approved by that department as well as the major department. Further, the proposed minor shall be sent to the Office of the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Communication for the Dean's referral to the College Individualized Major/Minor Committee for its approval.

The minor should be prepared early in the students' college career, preferably before the junior year. At least 12 units of the courses proposed for the minor must be earned after the plan is approved. Any subsequent changes in the minor must be approved by the Individualized Major/Minor Committee.

The responsibility for certifying that students have met the requirements of their minor rests with the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Communication.