Individually Designed Major Requirements - A&C (BA)

This major is designed to permit students to focus their study on a topic or problem area which falls outside the limits of a conventional major. Since each major is individualized, what is deemed appropriate for one student may be deemed inappropriate for another. The purpose of the major is to accommodate an integration of the courses and programs not offered by the University; it is not a means of forming special majors or degrees which the University is not authorized to offer. The Individually Designed Major, leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree, must consist of a coherent pattern of approved courses taken in more than one department.

Individually Designed Major with a Minor (BA)

A grade point average of 2.5 is needed for admission to the program. A grade point average of 3.0 in the major is required for graduation.

Option I

Major - 36 Units

Select 36 units in consultation with your advisor. Include no more that 24 units from any one department.

An approved minor is required for this major.

Option II

Major - 54 Units

Select 54 units in consultation with your advisor. Include no more that 24 units from any one department.

No minor is required for this major

Writing Proficiency Requirement

Consult advisor (ENGLISH 370 recommended)

Electives bring the total to a minimum of 120 units. In either Option I or II of the Individually Designed Major students will choose as an advisor a faculty member whose competence is in the area of their interest. Together with the advisor they will plan the major and submit in writing to the College Individualized Major/Minor Committee for its approval a proposed list of courses, a schedule plan and a statement of the rationale and goals of the major program. The major should be approved, with the possibility of subsequent amendment, no later than the end of the sophomore year. Any later approval may result in additional terms of study. The program must be planned and approved in advance of admission to the major. Any changes in the major at a later date will require written permission from the Individualized Major/Minor Committee.

Under either Option I or II students may count at most 24 units from any one department for fulfillment of total degree requirements. The Individualized Major/Minor Committee will carefully review student proposed courses to assure a reasonable depth of study beyond the general survey level. One-half of the units earned for the major must be taken within the College of Arts and Communication. A concentration of course work within the College of Arts and Communication will meet the needs of students interested in interdisciplinary fine arts studies and those wishing to combine fine arts courses with a combination of any other college's courses. Primary supervision of the major rests with the Individualized Major/Minor Committee.