Race & Ethnic Cultures General (RACEETH)



The course is designed to help students develop a greater understanding of the influence of one's race and ethnicity on the ways individuals perceive the world and the ways they are treated by others and by society. Within the framework of the helping professions, students will have the opportunity to examine their attitudes toward members of racial and ethnic minorities, develop ways to learn about the participation in and treatment of racial and ethnic minority groups in work, education, and social services, and examine ways to affect one's own attitudes and society to achieve social justice.

RACEETH 690   WORKSHOP   Repeatable   1-3 Units

Variable topics. Group activity oriented presentations emphasizing `hands on` and participatory instructional techniques.

RACEETH 691   TRAVEL STUDY   1-3 Units

Variable topics. Faculty-led courses abroad.

RACEETH 696   SPECIAL STUDIES   Repeatable   1-3 Units

Variable topics. Group activity. Not offered regularly in the curriculum but offered on topics selected on the basis of timeliness, need, and interest, and generally in the format of regularly scheduled Catalog offerings.

RACEETH 798   INDIVIDUAL STUDIES   Repeatable   1-3 Units