Chinese (CHINESE)



This course introduces students to Mandarin Chinese, a common speech shared by all dialect speakers in China. It adopts pinyin (Chinese Phonetic Alphabet) as the standard phonetic system. It trains students in all aspects of the language - listening, speaking, reading and writing.


As the second semester of the first-year Chinese, this course contiues comprehensive training in Mandarin Chinese at elementary level. While continuing to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, students will have more exposure to Chinese customs and culture.

CHINESE 251   CHINESE III (GH)   4 Units

As the first semester of the second-year Chinese, this course further enhances students' language skills in both spoken and written form and their understanding of the cultural and social context in which the language is shaped and formed.

CHINESE 252   CHINESE IV (GH)   4 Units

As the second semester of second-year Chinese, this course continues to enhance students' language skills in both spoken and written form and their understanding of Chinese culture and Chinese society.

CHINESE 490   WORKSHOP   Repeatable   1-3 Units

Variable topics. Group activity oriented presentations emphasizing `hands on` and participatory instructional techniques. Repeatable

CHINESE 491   TRAVEL STUDY   Repeatable   1-3 Units

Variable topics. Faculty-led courses abroad.

CHINESE 493   INTERNSHIP IN CHINESE   Repeatable   1-3 Units

Internships are available in business, government or social service agencies for suitably prepared students wishing to pursue a career that involves foreign languages. Repeatable. Satisfactory/No Credit Grade Basis Only.

CHINESE 494   SEMINAR   Repeatable   1-3 Units

Variable topics. Group activity. An advanced course of study in a defined subject matter area emphasizing a small group in intense study with a faculty member. Repeatable one time.

CHINESE 496   SPECIAL STUDIES   Repeatable   1-3 Units

Variable topics. Group activity. Not offered regularly in the curriculum but offered on topics selected on the basis of timeliness, need, and interest, and generally in the format of regularly scheduled Catalog offerings. Repeatable.

CHINESE 497   EXCHANGE STUDY   Repeatable   1-12 Units

Variable topics. Repeatable.

CHINESE 498   INDEPENDENT STUDY   Repeatable   1-3 Units

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member.