Political Science (POL) - Rock County


POL 101   Introduction to Politics   3 Units

What is the ideal form of government & society? A Surv. & analysis of ideas related to citizenship in the community, nation & world, with emphasis on competing political values/ideologies & civic engagement.

POL 104   American Government and Politics   3 Units

Analysis of the decision-making structure & processes of American national government, including the role of parties & interest groups, & the value preferences within American society which affect the formation of public policy.

POL 105   State and Local Supplement to POL 104   1 Units

A one-credit study of state & local government.

POL 120   Politics of Crime and Punishment   3 Units

Focuses on the competing goals of public policy in criminal justice, from public order, due process, efficiency, rights & liberties. Analyzes the interplay of key actors including police, courts & prisons in policy-making & implementation. Includes the role of media & myth.

POL 160   Comparative Politics   3 Units

Studies a select set of important states with different political, economic, & cultural characteristics. Compares economic, social & political issues & policy choices, in addition to governance. Recommended for Business, Journalism, Education, & Political Sci. majors

POL 175   International Politics   3 Units

Global problems, issues & debates since the end of the Cold War, including terrorism, cultural & religious conflict & changing power relations. Impact of social, economic & technological change & evolution of the state system. Cooperative problem-solving & peace-making.

POL 193   Campaigns and Elections: Voters, Candidates and Strategies   3 Units

This course provides an examination of political campaigns & strategies, & the nomination & electoral systems. Topics covered in class include the role of interest groups, PAC's & professional support organizations, campaign finance, & the role of the media

POL 201   Introduction to Political Theory   3 Units

What is the ideal in politics & government? A Surv. & analysis of ideas relating to political systems & values.

POL 210   Civil Liberties   3 Units

This course is an examination of civil liberties & their philosophical underpinnings. Through the reading of U.S. Supreme Court cases & other texts, students will study topics including the constitutional basis of civil liberties, the freedoms of conSci. & expression, the rights of persons accused of crime, privacy, & property rights

POL 215   Media and Politics   3 Units

An examination of the impact mass media has had on democratic politics in the U.S., including the role media plays in influencing political behavior & attitudes. Topics covered in the class include media bias, media power, use of media by government & interest groups, the role of media in campaigns & elections, & the influence of media on policy makers

POL 218   Religion and Politics   3 Units

(POL 218 & REL 218 are the same course.) An examination of the relationship between religion & politics within the U.S. & beyond. Topics include religion & the political history of the U.S., civil liberties & religion (establishment & free exercise), the role religion plays in the political process, from the perspective of both cooperation & conflict.

POL 219   Public Policy: Power, Conflict, Choice   3 Units

An exploration of the public policy-making process in the U.S. with attention to select contemporary issues in American policy debates (Env., energy, health, economic Mgmt., etc.). Course content includes the study of how citizens (voters, groups & elected officials) participate in developing & implementing policy in local, state & national government

POL 225   State and Local Government   3 Units

Organization, structure & functions of state & local governments in general, while using Wisconsin as a prime example.

POL 231   Sex, Power and Public Policy   3 Units

(POL 231 & GSW 231 are the same course.) Examination of controversial issues of gender that affect equality & power. Includes women's movement & the search for equality, justice & freedom. Examines political & judicial policies that exemplify success & failure.

POL 235   Politics of Race and Ethnicity in America   3 Units

Examination of the struggle between & among ethnic, racial & language groups in American politics

POL 250   Government and Business   3 Units

A Surv. of government activities, regulations & policies affecting business & the economic system, such as anti-trust, safety & health regulations, subsidies, transfer payments, public works & government corporations.

POL 280   Terrorism   3 Units

Terrorism, both current & historic, will be analyzed in its development, logic & impact. Includes controversies over security & liberty, intelligence & forewarning, & deals with political, philosophic & religious aspects. A major feature is analysis of alternative responses to terrorism, & local coping strategies (disaster Mgmt.).

POL 285   Politics of World Inequality and Development   3 Units

Why are some countries rich & others poor? Major theories & history of economic development. The role of the state in diverse economies. Effect of the global trade system, democracy, quality of life, & the Env.. Examines human rights, experiences of indigenous people, gender, & the role of militarism

POL 294   Internship in Political Science   1-3 Units

An individually arranged internship or service-learning Proj. that partners students with elected officials, political parties, governmental & non-governmental agencies, & other political institutions for students to gain practical experience related to politics, government, & political Sci. education. The internship is intended for advanced students with prior Political Sci. coursework. Students will work under the supervision of a faculty member & receive credit based on hours employed & completion of a final report summarizing how their experiences reflect classroom learning & how they will apply their experience in future work. Repeatable for a maximum of six credits.

POL 298   Special Topics   1-3 Units

A course for topics which would be appropriate for freshmen & sophomores. Topic & number of credits will be announced in the timetable

POL 299   Independent Reading   1-3 Units

Surv. of Lit. in a particular subject, possibly concluding with a research Proj. supervised by the instructor. Subject & specific requirements determined by instructor/student agreement.

POL 308   American Presidency   3 Units

The President as chief administrative leader, political leader, foreign policy initiator, comm&er-in-chief & head of state.