Gender, Sex, & Women's Studies (GSW) - Rock County


GSW 101   Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies   3 Units

An Intro to the major issues addressed by women's & gender studies with an emphasis on interdisciplinary social Sci. theories & methodologies involved in gaining accurate knowledge about women's lives & contributions to society, both within the U.S. & around the world. Perspectives, texts, & methodologies from across the social Sci. disciplines ranging from history, Eco., Soc., political Sci., public health, criminal justice, psychology, & others will be used to underst& the experience of women & the cultural construction of gender

GSW 102   Women's Voices   3 Units

An Introductory & interdisciplinary humanities course drawing upon diverse texts & methodologies representative of the following humanities disciplines: art, Phil., religious studies, music, film, history, Lit., feminist theory, cultural studies, media studies, & performance art/drama. Students will examine multicultural readings ranging from creative nonfiction, essays, feminist theory, philosophical reflection, fiction, poetry, historical accounts, drama, cultural critique, feminist analysis, memoir, visual arts, letters, diaries, & others to build an underst&ing of the multiple scholarly approaches in the humanities to the study of women's lives. Prereq: None

GSW 130   Biology of Women   3 Units

(Previously BIO 130. BIO 186 & GSW 130 are the same course.) An Intro to the Physolgy & reproductive anatomy of women including pregnancy, human development, cancer, infertility, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases & other health issues.

GSW 201   Introduction to LGBTQ Studies   3 Units

This course will provide an Intro into Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, & Queer (LGBTQ) Studies. Considering LGBTQ Studies as an interdisciplinary field, this course will focus on how the central concepts of sexual orientation & gender identity work within history, politics, Lit., technology, art, music, Phil., education, & psychology. Throughout this course, students will work towards a deep underst&ing of the intersectional dynamics of privilege & oppression as they relate to LGBTQ individuals & culture by exploring the lived experiences of LGBTQ individuals & their families.

GSW 202   Feminist Philosophy   3 Units

(PHI 202 & GSW 202 are the same course.) An Intro to feminist philosophies through a study & critique of traditional & feminist views about women, their lives, society, & knowledge, with particular attention to theories of women's oppression.

GSW 203   Women in Popular Culture   3 Units

In this course, we will examine ways gender has been portrayed & are currently portrayed in the media, in television & movies, popular music, internet, print sources like magazines, popular fiction, & newspapers, & other cultural artifacts. With readings ranging from critical theory to popular fiction, we will speculate on the impact of & source for popular portrayals of women in particular & the social construction of gender, race, & other social categories. The course will also encourage students to question agency in the creation & consumption of mass culture. Issues of race, class, sexual orientation, age, & physical ability will be important as we explore & critically examine the forms & functions of popular culture.

GSW 204   Introduction to Masculinities   3 Units

This course will provide an Intro into Masculinity Studies. Considering Masculinity Studies as an interdisciplinary field, this course will focus on how the central concepts of masculinity work within history, politics, Lit., technology, art, music, Phil., education, & psychology. Throughout this course, students will work towards a deep underst&ing of the intersectional dynamics of race, gender, class, & other aspects of identity as they relate to the construction of various masculinities.

GSW 205   Women, Religion, Spirituality   3 Units

This course explores the roles of women in the beliefs & practices of religion, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, & Native American traditions, & historical & contemporary women's religious movements. Prereq: None

GSW 208   Psychology of Gender   3 Units

(PSY 208 & GSW 208 are the same course.) The process & consequences of gender development; review of current gender research & theory in the context of cultural, psychological, biological, historical, & cross-cultural perspectives. The course focuses on female & male experience as it relates to issues such as cognition, value systems, achievement, interpersonal relationships, aggression, & sexuality.

GSW 210   Women's Health & Sexuality in Society   3 Units

This course will offer basic facts about the structure & functioning of the female body; issues in women's health & sexuality will be approached interdisciplinarily & will include physical, mental, emotional, & social health & wellness topics & will be framed by discussions of race, class, & other cultural identities. Cultural, social, economic & political contexts will be explored.

GSW 218   Women and Sport   3 Units

(HES 218 & GSW 218 are the same course.) A course focusing on the social dimensions & the historical & cultural foundations of women & sport in our society. Emphasis will be placed on exploring the changing roles & opportunities in sports for women, as well as how past & current beliefs regarding gender, sexuality, & race & ethnicity shape the experiences of women in sports in our society. Selected topics include: the history of physical education, activity & fitness for women in the U.S., barriers/structural constraints facing women in sports, race & ethnicity, women's health issues, sexuality & homophobia, the role of journalism & the media, career opportunities for women, & the future of sports for women in our society.

GSW 225   Gender and Communication   3 Units

(CTA 225 & GSW 225 are the same course.) This course focuses on multilayered relationships between gender, communication, & culture. It explores the ways communication creates & perpetuates gendered identities & gendered interaction. It examines the ways mass, interpersonal, group, intercultural, & rhetorical communications are influenced by gender.

GSW 231   Sex, Power and Public Policy   3 Units

(POL 231 & GSW 231 are the same course.) Examination of controversial issues of gender that affect equality & power. Includes women's movement & the search for equality, justice & freedom. Examines political & judicial policies that exemplify success & failure.

GSW 238   Sociological Perspectives on Gender   3 Units

(SOC 238 & GSW 238 are the same course.) A sociological examination of roles assigned to women & men in society, including the experiences of marriage, parenthood, employment & occupational attainment. Pays particular attention to gender role socialization & its cultural reinforcement, to patterns of gender relations & to ongoing changes.

GSW 247   Latin American and Latina Women(ES)   3 Units

(SPA 247 & GSW 247 are the same course.) This course will examine the lives & literary works of Latin American & Latina women within Latin American society & in the US. Particular attention will be given to the roles assigned to these women by patriarchal cultures & to the stereotypes that have influenced their lives. This course will examine how Latin American & Latina women have resisted race, class & gender oppression. The complex relationships among these factors & ethnicity will be examined through the analysis of a variety of primary texts, films, & scholarly articles. The course will be taught in English.

GSW 250   Women in Cross-Cultural Perspectives   3 Units

(ANT 250 & GSW 250 are the same course.) Study of women in a variety of cultures around the world, both past & present. Includes consideration of the sexual division of labor, marriage systems, child rearing, relationships between men & women, systems of myth & ideology concerning women's roles, & the effects of socio-economic development & rapid social change.

GSW 260   Women and Science   3 Units

Women & Sci. will take a three-pronged approach to its subject: the history of women in Sci., their contributions to various fields, & current obstacles women face in scientific fields; how scientific disciplines have constructed gender & studies women; & feminist critiques of Sci., including recommendations for change, to encourage participation in & representation of women in Sci..

GSW 265   Women and Education   3 Units

(EDU 265 & GSW 265 are the same course.) An Intro to the theories & practices of educating girls & women. Traditional & feminist perspectives on developmental models of learning, early childhood through adult education, curricular issues, & feminist pedagogy will be studied & critiqued.

GSW 270   Women in Business   3 Units

Women in Business examines the opportunities, challenges & problems women encounter in pursuing a career in business. This course will consider the history of women as business owners & entrepreneurs, executives, managers & employees. We will also study socialization, the law, career planning, how families impact the workplace & differences & effects of gendered communication styles in business settings.

GSW 279   Women Writers   3 Units

(ENG 279 & GSW 279 are the same course.) A study of women writers through a Surv. of significant poetry, drama, fiction, nonfiction, &/or film. May be taken for credit more than once if content changes.

GSW 280   Women in American History   3 Units

(HIS 279 & GSW 280 are the same course.) This course will focus on the struggle by women to acquire social equity & access to equal opportunity & political rights from the colonial times to the present. Students will learn about key figures in the areas of social reform, the right to vote, & fight against job discrimination while exploring the larger historical context in which these leaders operated.

GSW 291   Selected Topics   1-3 Units

Designed to focus in depth on a particular area of women's studies. Specific topic to be announced in campus timetable.

GSW 294   Internship in Women's Studies   1-3 Units

An internship designed to provide students with opportunities to apply knowledge & skills learned in women's a gender studies courses to professional situations & to gain experience working in a women's studies-related organization (social justice organization, domestic violence & sexual assault prevention services, organization supporting & advancing social equality). The internship is intended for students with prior women's studies coursework. Students will work under the supervision of a faculty member & receive credit based on hours employed & completion of a final report summarizing how their experiences reflect classroom learning & how they will apply their experience in future work. Repeatable up to 6 credits.

GSW 295   Women in the Arts   3 Units

(ART 290 & GSW 295 are the same course.) Women in the Arts is an interdisciplinary exploration of women as artists. The course will explore underlying ideologies that influence underst&ing of & access to the artistic production of women & artists of color. Theories & experiences of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age & class as they are articulated in the contemporary art world will be examined.

GSW 299   Independent Study   1-3 Units

Extensive reading for the purpose of the Lit. in a particular area, possibly including a research Proj., under the personal supervision of the instructor.