Lecture Forum (LEC) - Rock County


LEC 100   First-Year Seminar   1 Units

A course that helps students make the transition to college by promoting active learning as well as student involvement & responsibility in the learning process, assisting students in the development of life Mgmt. skills, & engaging students on campus. Each LEC 100 section incorporates a specific subject of inquiry. Consult the campus course schedule for additional Info. EL TRIO students only

LEC 101   University Forum   1 Units

A lecture-discussion course designed to Introduce students to current problems & significant issues. Open to freshmen & sophomores. May be taken three times for a maximum of three credits.

LEC 102   Library and Research Sem   1 Units

This course will explore research processes using print & electronic formats. It includes the identification & analysis of searches & sources, the proper organization & integration of Info gathered & the consideration of intellectual property issues.

LEC 104   Course Supplement   1 Units

A lecture-discussion course used to supplement & explore concepts & ideas as designated by the instructor. May be taken up to three times for a maximum of three credits.

LEC 110   Introduction to Experiential Learning   1 Units

An Intro to college-level experiential learning, including prior learning, service-learning, & internships. How to document experiential learning with an electronic portfolio. Open to all students. Prereq: None. (Home department: Business & Eco.)

LEC 115   World Language Service Learning   1 Units

To apply, practice & improve language skills & cultural awareness in a real world, practical context while concurrently providing service to the local community. Course is applicable for any language. One to two credits based on hours of service & classroom lecture & discussion. Credits are determined by combined number of hours of classroom instruction & service but must include a minimum of 8 hours of service. One credit is earned for 15 hours of classroom & service Proj.. Two credits are earned for 30 hours of classroom instruction & service..

LEC 200   Sophomore Seminar   1 Units

A course designed to enhance the sophomore experience & position students for success as they prepare to complete bachelor-degree studies. Topics may vary from one course to another & may focus on developments in various academic fields & professions, on values & issues in the contemporary workplace, &/or on other topics designed to assist students at this point in their undergraduate education. Course might complement internship opportunities.

LEC 250   Designing a Dynamic World Language Program   1 Units

This class provides you with the tools to design a dynamic language program for yourself, your students or your organization. It is designed for anyone who wants to learn a second language; teachers of second languages including ESL; principals & other administrators who want to underst& the basis for organizing an effective second language program in their schools. Managers from business & non-profits may also benefit from this Info. During most of the course, objectives will be demonstrated using beginning M&arin Chinese.

LEC 251   Differentiation of Instruction for Language Learners   1 Units

Through demonstration of active, h&s-on & practical methods & techniques, this course helps language instructors examine the characteristics of an effective differentiated classroom. You will learn how to frame instruction around mastery of the st&ards & how to Introduce differentiation of content, process & products & differentiating on the basis of students' readiness, interest & learning profiles. Special concerns of differentiation in the world language classroom will also be discussed. This is a learning by doing course. Methods & techniques will be demonstrated using beginning M&arin Chinese.

LEC 252   Active Language Learning   1 Units

This learning by doing course provides practical methods & activities that tap the communication modality & help transform language classrooms into dynamic & stimulating learning Env.s. Methods will be demonstrated using M&arin Chinese.

LEC 253   Developing Thematic Units and Lesson Plans for Second Language Instruction   1 Units

Schools & organizations have different philosophies & expectations for instruction. Students, meanwhile, have different needs based on their ages, learning styles, time constraints, groups, culture, ability & myriad other factors. Learn how to create thematic units & lesson plans that reflect the goals & philosophies of your organization while meeting the unique needs of the students. We will examine best practices for structuring & sequencing a lesson & we will create charts that keep you focused on the goals, objectives & learning outcomes

LEC 254   Developing Classroom Materials for Second Language Instruction   1 Units

Every instructor has a unique style & every class a different need. Learn to create the materials that match your style & the needs of your students & that reinforce active methods. Students will underst& the different types of materials needed for the classroom & how to create them. Types of materials will include games, music, booklets, texts & manuals, & use of technology as a teaching tool.

LEC 290   Special Topics in Integrated Studies   0 Units

Interdisciplinary courses involving major components & faculty from more than one breadth area. Must have a departmental sponsor, approval of Senate Curriculum Committee & endorsement of all departments involved

LEC 300   Study Abroad   0 Units

Resident study for an extended period at an approved university or other institution of higher education outside of the U.S.. Admission requirements, prerequisites, & costs will vary depending on the site & program of study. Complete Info is available from your UW Colleges' Student Services Office